A real book! And an e-book!

I’m actually getting used to talking to people about “my book”.


I’m actually getting used to talking to people about “my book”.  Verbalising the words “I’m a writer” and “I’m a poet” still feels as though I’m speaking a new and slightly different dialect of my native language.

‘Leaf’ is the first collection of my poetry, and is now available for both Kindle and iBooks.
It’s also available from Amazon and Xlibris online stores as a real paper-and-ink book.

It was both exciting and oddly strange to watch someone actually buy and download my book on their iPad today.

It was even more strange to have my husband sitting in my study last night, reading my poetry. He doesn’t read poetry… but he was reading mine. It made me feel strangely vulnerable, despite the fact that we’ve been married for 26 years. I still don’t know if he understood any of it, but he said it was good. I believe him.

5 thoughts on “A real book! And an e-book!

  1. I have come from your sister’s stamping blog, and wanted to say that your poem is lovely. Also that I feel for you and your students, and I want to encourage you as being a teacher can be really tough, I know, I have been a teacher’s assistant or SSO as we call the here in SA. It sounds like you are doing a great job, best wishes with your new book.

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