WordyNerdBird Writes

2018-03-16 08.13.54

WordyNerdBird Writes is a separate blog where you’ll find my new pieces of writing to read. The simple link for getting there is jvlpoet.link/writing – that’s the link you’ll see on my social media posts for my new writing.

One of the greatest pleasures for a writer is knowing that their work touches someone. I’ve been encouraged by responses to my writing in the past, and I hope to find new readers via this blog.

I always hope that people will respond somehow – a like or a comment goes a long way to let me know what sort of writing works for you. It enables me to measure how well a piece might do as part of a collection in a book. And really, who doesn’t like a pat on the back every now and then?

So if you’d like to read my new writing, follow WordyNerdBird Writes.
I’d love to see you over there!