Bottle Cap

Andy Writes Poems – some really thought-provoking and perceptive poetry can be found on this blog.
I really like his work.

Andy Writes Poems

a potential locked inside.
Lonely, yet defined,
the path that I decide
Entrapment, enslaved,
tortured and engraved
with sins and thoughts as past distorts
and truth cannot be saved.

Inside you is a yearning
a freedom cry so loud
I heard it from the hilltops,
over the free and raucous crowd.
I know you hold your secrets,
I know I hold mine too
We’re insecure, yet kind and pure
There’s good inside of you.

But bottle cap,
I open you, I set your spirit free,
my only wish, as I am trapped,
please do the same for me.
I may not have a bottle cap,
but capped I seem to be
please bottle cap oh bottle cap,
I’m lost in misery

~ Andrew
Anyone else feel this way? Like you’re gonna explode in a mess of thoughts that you held back? Or maybe you can relate more to…

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