Attn: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: It’s not just your dogs that are unwelcome.

Dear Amber Heard,

We don’t care how ridiculously rich, famous or beautiful you both may be.  That does not give you a licence to break Australian law and do whatever you damn well please.
Our quarantine laws exist for very good reason, and there are no exceptions.

Kindly keep your opinions and your non-quarantined dogs to yourselves.

Thank you,

Me, and the rest of Australia


3 thoughts on “Attn: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: It’s not just your dogs that are unwelcome.

  1. Maybe the australians that are working on the “Pirates Of the Caribbean” – more than 400 jobs and millions and millions of dollars- that knows once Depp says “I won’t be going back to Australia ever again” also means that the next sequel of Pirates has NO chance to filmed in Australia again, may differ from your opinion and high representation of the “rest of australians”?

    1. That is, indeed, regrettable.
      However, a continent of animals that are free of rabies and God knows what other diseases can be transmitted from animal to animal or via fleas, mosquitoes and ticks would probably agree with me that Depp’s furbabies should have been left in the U.S. with a nanny or some such, which Depp can most definitely afford.

      My point that wealth, beauty and fame do not make anyone immune to the law stands.

    2. I think you have a misunderstanding of Australian culture if you think we will gladly be blackmailed by overly-entitled rich twats.

      Also, there are no shortage of people queueing up behind Depp to film here anyway. No loss. His desperate attempt to stroke his own ego has failed.

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