Eva’s Byte #196: When No One’s Watching

Given that I am both a teacher and an Indie author, I found this post by Eva Pasco highly relatable.

I do hope you enjoy it, and I encourage you all to follow her blog and to look up her books. Eva is an evocative and thought-provoking writer, and her books are excellent.

EVA's Bytes

One of my treasured books gifted to all faculty members by the school principal of Northern Lincoln Elementary where I finished my teaching career in the third grade trenches was What Teachers Do When No One is Looking by Jim Grant and Irv Richardson.  I can attest that most teachers unselfishly contribute after-school hours and money to make a difference in the classroom—when no one is watching. Scrounging yard sales for materials and attending seminars barely scratch the surface.

Which brings me to the career I embraced shortly after retirement—that of a self-published Indie author who wishes more people were on the lookout for my books and making a mad dash to acquire them.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d share the nature of this week’s writing sessions for my WIP in the genre of Contemporary at the juncture of part 2, chapter 21 which delves into my protagonist’s past—when no one’s…

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