WordPress V Facebook

I found this blog post interesting, and what Kazzmoss says here is true: WordPress is a great community, and you can do everything here that you do on Facebook.

I guess, though, that people like the “pretty” and the “instant” rather than thinking about and choosing what they read and see. Facebook is, in some ways, a monument to mental laziness.

Karen J. Mossman

I was reading a post on Instagram where someone wondering whether to start a blog. Of course, I immediately came on and said yes, and extolled the virtues of WordPress.

It was only as I was doing so; I realised just what a community WordPress is. Suddenly I began comparing it to Facebook.

For a long time Facebook has ruled our lives. We writers have built platforms there, a place to tell everyone about our books and blogs. We have a friends list and can comment, like, and share. It is a community.

That’s when it occurred to me that WordPress is the same, only better. Everything we can do on Facebook, we can do with WordPress.

Unfortunately, Facebook dislikes books links on your personal page, they want you to put them on your business page. Then, they restrict the amount of views its gets because they would like you…

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One thought on “WordPress V Facebook

  1. Thanks for sharing this. And yes, we have become lazy because of Facebook. Instead of looking for inreresting reads, we’ve become used to short ‘nothingness’ status updates.
    I’m trying to change that 😀

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