Was Jack the Ripper Actually Jill?

This is a fascinating article that presents a historical possibility that most of us have never considered. Was Jack actually Jill?

By sheer coincidence, I am currently enjoying Nicole Maniscalco’s ‘Stalking Jack the Ripper’ on audiobook, so the premise of this article really appeals to me, and the details discussed in it are some with which I have become more familiar over the past week.

Still, one doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of the case to understand this article’s insights and arguments about what is arguably the greatest unsolved true crime spree in history.

Both this article and Maniscalco’s book, either as a novel or audiobook, are excellent.


Tori Telfer | Longreads | March 2019 | 16 minutes (4,226 words)

Before the Zodiac Killer named himself, before someone strangled poor JonBenét, before the Black Dahlia was sliced open, and before Tupac and Biggie were shot six months apart under eerily similar circumstances, someone was slinking through the slums of London, killing women.

This someone — a shadowy aichmomaniac, possibly wearing a bloody apron — left the women of the Whitechapel district in shocking disarray. Their intestines were thrown over their shoulders; cultish markings were carved into their cheeks. One of them was found without her heart. To most people who saw the crime scenes or read the papers, everything about this appeared to be the work of a man — the brutality, the strength, the misogyny. And so in 1888, when people started looking for the Ripper, they were looking for…well, for a Jack. Was he a mad…

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