Wildlife Carer Escapes Unprecedented Fire to Look after Native Animals

This is my home state. There are many like Rena who carry out such important work in the face of tragedy, and my heart goes out to her in her own losses.

Two years ago it was my home under threat and my region on fire. We were all so encouraged by the way the rest of the country supported us, and I know Aussies will support those who are suffering now.

We’re a resilient and good-hearted bunch.

My thoughts and love to all those who have lost, and all those who are still fighting, hoping and praying.

Melissa H North

Evacuating Goongerah with belongings and animals.

Wildlife carer Rena Gaborovevacuated her home and wildlife shelter with an eight-month-old wombat named Fred, a six-month-old ringtail possum named Ginger, and three joeys named Satin, Lenny and Link, as a great wall of fire approached their property.

Residents from Goongerah, East Gippsland, were urged to leave on Friday when fire authorities’ door-knocked expressing imminent danger.

Since then Rena and her partner Joe Henderson have set up a temporary shelter for wildlife in Sarsfield, over two hours away from their home.

“There haven’t been many animals come off the fire ground, I think it’s because at the moment we can’t get access to it.”

However, with 15 years of wildlife experience up her sleeve and a compassionate community, local landowners are helping feed animals with pellets, hay and lucerne from their properties.

Rena, who also lost her home in the fire, felt deeply about…

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