Ways not to respond to someone’s chronic illness

All of this, and more.

My absolute bugbear? “You can’t hurt more than I do!”
Dude, it’s not a competition. .. certainly not one I want to win.

Brainless Blogger

ways not to respond to someone's chronic illness.png

  1. My friend’s cousin’s sister had that and she took Avocado milk with gently fried spam for two years and was cured! You have to milk the Avocados’ by hand though. Might have been goat milk? Try both. Oh my god! You found a cure for me on an internets Facebooks meme_ I shall try it immediately because all my woes are over..jpg
  2. Have you tried the new starvation diet? You get to eat all the pickles you want and once a week you can lick a steak. I highly recommend it. Because I think if you lose weight it might cure you of everything that is wrong with you.
  3. It is caused by stress you know. Everything from a bad aura to broken toes is caused by stress. We are too stressed in this world. Have you tried sweaty yoga yet? It is like hot yoga but much more sweaty. Great for stress and dehydration.
  4. My doctor once thought I had that but it turns out it was toe fungus. Weird right? But I can…

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