Seven Things Grown Adults Should Not Do

Things grown adults should not do:

1. Meddle in things that are none of their business.

2. Assume that their limited knowledge of a situation is more than that of the people who are actually involved.

3. Allow their assumptions to fuel their anger.

4. Accuse someone who didn’t do anything wrong of doing something wrong.

5. Accuse one of the best friends you have of being a terrible person and a disloyal and false friend.

6. When, on the following day, that person approaches you peacefully in the hopes of working it out, tell that friend to **** off and say you never want to see them again.

7. Moan and complain to mutual friends when that same individual is so shocked and hurt that they take those words seriously and deliver exactly what has been insisted upon.

8. Assume that said friend is not smart enough to screen shot everything in case the mutual friends referred to in #7 wish to see exactly what was said, and by whom.

Just saying. You know, generally… Just in case someone was wondering.

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