Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

My grandfather always used to say that if you throw a stone at a pack of dogs, the one it hits will yelp the loudest.
Of course, we never threw stones at dogs.  Neither of us ever would.

His meaning was that if you say or do something in a general manner that causes a specific and directed reaction from someone else, it’s most likely a guilty conscience in action.

The blog I published yesterday appears to have had exactly that effect.
No names or specifics were mentioned. There was not enough information given to identify anyone.

Yet today, I find myself suddenly – and quite surprisingly – unfriended and blocked in social media by two people who obviously thought I was writing about them.

I’ve lost friends before, and have been quite hurt in the process.
Not this time.

If they have done what I suggested in my blog – regardless of whom it was actually about – then I’m glad they’ve chosen to exit my life.
I don’t need the negativity, the tension, or the feeling that I have to wonder about their sincerity.
They are quite welcome to leave.
I do rather hope, unlike the suggestion of popular idiom, that the door did hit them on the butt on their way out. Hard.
Either way, it’s not going to open again.

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