This conversation demonstrates just one of the many reasons why my buddy Sean and I are friends:
Sean: Back to the Future was timeless.   Bwahahaha!
Me: Ohhh yes!
Me:  I actually have it marked in my calendar when Marty returns in October this year.
Sean: Jenn and I recently saw Michael J Fox on TV.   Too bad about him really.
Me:  I feel sorry for him, as I do with anyone with that horrible disease and a number of others.
Sean: Lol.  The date they travelled to just passed.
Me:  I’m pretty sure it’s October 2015.
Me:  21st, I think.
Sean: There were many.  October is one.  April was another I think.

   a clip from the movie – yes, I had it bookmarked LOL
Sean: Oh, you mean the this year one.   Right you are.
Me:  Yes, this year.
Sean: Lol
Sean: Nerd.
Me: Why, thank you!