Women In Horror: Lou Yardley

Women in Horror Month: Featured Author: Lou Yardley.

Lou Yardley is an Office Gremlin by day and an author by night – it’s the best time, really, as it’s when all the monsters come out to play. “The Other’s Voice” (published in 2016) was her first novel and she has discovered that this whole “writing thing” is quite addictive. Her aim is to write at least one full length novel each year, and as many short stories as possible. 2018 saw her publish a delightfully gory werewolf tale called “Hellhound”, as well as a short stories “When the Sun Sets” and “The Forest”.
She currently lives with her partner Mark, and their eight cats in Greater London. When she’s not performing spreadsheet alchemy in her day job, Lou likes playing the banjo, reading, listening to the kind of metal where the vocalists growl at you, and watching B-movies.

Lou writes gory horror that alternates between being humorous and thought-provoking.


The Hound & The Philosopher Inn looks like your average pub, with only its mouthful of a name to separate it from any other. But, secrets lurk just beyond the ales, wines, spirits and bar snacks. Deadly secrets.

Kit pops into the pub following a dismal experience at a job interview. Christine visits the same pub whilst waiting for a cab. Both of their lives will be changed forever. Both will learn the pub’s secrets.

Peter is one of these secrets. Peter Smedley is a businessman, ruthless and cunning and co-owner of The Hound & The Philosopher Inn. He is also a werewolf, hellbent on changing the status quo.

HELLHOUND will draw you into the supernatural underbelly of Greater London with the promise of blood, guts and the realisation that the monsters may be closer than you think.”

* 2018 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards Finalist *

When The Sun Sets.

“What would you do if the sun set… Forever? 

Lexi finds herself a prisoner in her own home after the sun sets and refuses to rise again. At first, it was an inconvenience; now it’s downright dangerous. In the four weeks since the darkness descended, humanity has all but given up. Violent crime has become part of everyday life and everyone is a potential killer. No-one can be trusted. 

But, that’s not all Lexi has to worry about. The darkness has brought something with it. 

Something deadly…”

You can find and follow Lou Yardley on FACEBOOK TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |GOODREADS | AMAZON

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