Dear Facebook… Yet Again.

I quote, verbatim, this afternoon’s status on my Facebook profile.

Dear Facebook,

You have been temporarily blocked from accessing some of my features.

I’m not telling you why. 
I”m not going to listen to your appeal.

But you can bet your algorithmic little hiney I’m going to have my eye on you for quite some time. Possibly forever.

Joanne Van Leerdam, June 25, 2019.

So, it seems that I’ve run afoul of the Facebook algorithm yet again.
Now they’re suggesting I’m a robot.

You read that right. A robot.

I haven’t made identical posts in forever. I vary what I post from page to page. l really don’t know what brought that on.

And let’s not overlook the irony of an algorithm calling me a robot. It’s beyond ridiculous.

They can’t still be sour about my “What I Do and Don’t Like About Facebook” post… can they?

One suggestion that has been made is that when I’ve posted about things that annoy me, some well-meaning people have responded with the “angry face” reaction because they’re angry at the nonsense that a certain social media platform is throwing at people lately.

Apparently, for all its cleverness, the Facebook algorithm is unable to comprehend that it’s actually Facebook people are angry at. It interprets this reaction as those people being angry at me.

This is good to know.

Because who could be angry at Facebook or its ever-changing algorithm?

It’s fair to say that Facebook is not doing a single thing to recommend itself to me right now.

6 thoughts on “Dear Facebook… Yet Again.

  1. It’s really getting ridiculous. I’m spending less and less time on Facebook because of stuff like this. Good luck to you!

  2. I usually leave a message in the “if you think this is in error” box suggesting they go f@#K themselves. Doesn’t seem to do any good or harm; but makes me feel a lot better. Unfortunately, FB is my main promo site. I use Twitter too, but don’t really understand it; and the rest I can’t figure out at all. Don’t know why I bother. It’s become pretty useless. I think the last book I sold was April 28; in spite of posting at least a few promos every day.

    1. I always respond too, but you’re right. They don’t care.
      It’s not useless – it’s hard to get our books out there, but yours are excellent and deserve to be read.

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