I’m looking for positives. Feel free to help me out!

pexels-photo-69213Balance is something I often aim for, but things don’t always work out that way.

I’ve just been looking at the poems I have written for my next collection, and the majority are quite dark. I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to write some more positive or happy poems to balance it out.

Easily done. All I need is for the universe to be nice to me, and for wonderful people and happy events to inspire me. No biggie… right?

If you’d like to inspire me, leave a story, an observation, or a happy experience in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. A true story! Tim and I willfully ignored our problems (lack of money to pay bills, unhappily living with my mother in a tiny apartment that is breaking down, our books not selling, even though they’re awesome, etc) yesterday and chose to spend it making love… 3 times in a row, mind you. Lol Yeah, we’re approaching 50, but we still got it where it counts. 😉
    Moral of the story: Sometimes true love can keep you from gong mad. We’re living proof!

      1. Where there’s a will, there a way. 😉

        Truthfully, we’re not always so randy… or even sane, but we try to hold onto what we have. What’s the alternative? Personally, I’m a fighter. I never give up. Ever.

  2. We’re alive. We can smell the air, see the sun, touch our loved ones. Oh, and then there’s beer…

    I like Lyra’s take on happiness and making love always helps. But so does red wine…

    In the end it’s friends that do it for me. Friends, husband, dog, booze.

    Today’s uplifting thing: tiny fluffy ducklings swimming along behind mama in the canal in the pouring rain

  3. My Advice Would Be That, Go Out Get Yourself Inspire With Nature And Get Positive Vibes With Silent Things And Then Write About That, Write About Nature In Positive Way..And It Will Help You Write Positively About Life Too.. Universe Cannot Be Nice To You Sometimes So Why Not You Try To Be Nice To Universe.. Try To Be Kind, Plant A Flower Somewhere, Give Love To Someone Without Excepting Anything etc..These Things can be hard while your mind is thinking negative things but you got to do it for yourself 🌹

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