Current Status: Exhausted

Self Portrait: Exhausted. June 19, 2019.

I don’t write this to complain. I am, however, starting to feel like I need to account for my whereabouts. If this post sounds even remotely whiny, I apologise in advance.

The past few weeks have been brutal. 

A horrid throat infection a few weeks ago laid me low and set me at least ten days behind in my work schedule just before my students sat their mid-year exams. Trying to get those exams marked and into the Semester 1 reports by the deadline was always going to be a challenge, to say the least. 

That task, however, has been complicated by my being at court since last Friday, in the pursuit of justice and hoping for closure in a matter very close to my family and my heart. 

That, in turn, has limited the time available for grading exam papers and writing reports to the weekend and evenings. It also meant that every lesson for this week and next had to be fully prepared, resourced and assigned on the school system before I left work last Thursday afternoon. 

And thus, my waking hours have been fully consumed by matters of high priority that cannot be put off. I’m pulling successive 18 hour days with very little downtime. 

There has been no writing. There has been no reading. My friend taught me to knit on Saturday afternoon, and I completed four rows while I was with her. I haven’t had time to pick that up again yet, either. 

The only relief I have had is the audiobook I am listening to on the drive to and from court each day, and the few minutes I have taken over lunch or dinner to write the day’s blogpost if I am not using one written in advance.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, but I am going to have to try. 

I should finish the exams tonight, but the there is a stack of work and assignments that my students are turning in this week while I am away from school. I need to check, grade and return all of that as soon as I can so the kids get the feedback and help they need to keep on learning and improving.

I don’t know when the court case will finish. I don’t know when I will get all this work done or when I will be able to write again, or read for pleasure. 

Term ends at the end of next week and I am determined to take a well earned break then. Maybe I will sleep for the entire two weeks. 

And if you are one of those people who like to comment on “all those holidays” teachers get?

7 thoughts on “Current Status: Exhausted

  1. Well, I don’t really like the fact that you’re going through such a rough time or that you’re exhausted but I wanted to show my support. Hang in there. Prayers for a good resolution and exceptional juggling skills until you get through this.

  2. I totally understand the “paper shuffle” and wanting to give meaningful feedback to your students. If you can get through this hurdle, may you do what is relaxing for you and being to enjoy your favorite pastimes.

  3. My brother was a teacher and the only break he got was when he retired. If it wasn’t school it was doing taxes for his clients or teaching drivers ed. So I know it’s a busy life.

  4. Hi Sunshine, sorry you’ve temporarily lost your sparkle. Self care is so important, I’ll buy you a coffee, give you a hug and even offer you a de-stress healing, just to help you continue on.
    Hugs Helen

  5. oh Jo …its hard work what you are going through and the infection is probably your body saying ‘take some time for yourself’. I wish I was closer to help you out but please remember if you dont take some time for yourself and heal then you wont be able to help others. I hope things get sorted and start to settle for you soon. One step at a time my love.

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